Reef Subsea Integrated Projects (RSIP) operates a fleet of sophisticated construction support vessels which are well suited to providing the full range of Work Class ROV construction operations. 

Equipped with a multi-skilled and experienced workforce, RSIP can offer construction services which include:

  • Seabed Intervention
  • Lifting and Installation Activities
  • Tie-in Spools
  • Pull-in Operations
  • Subsea Infrastructure
  • Field Decommissioning

Our vessels offer flexible deck space for a range of operations and can be provided with industry leading trenching technology, heavy lifting offshore cranes for subsea installation activities and Work Class ROVs, capable of operating to depths of 3000 metres.

Specially designed for operation in severe weather conditions, our fleet has high manoeuvrability and dynamic positioning capabilities. Each of our vessels has integrated ROV launching and tethering systems, with bespoke ROV control rooms boasting the latest technology systems.

RSIP has the in-house capability to complete all the necessary engineering and management, Onshore and offshore, required to deliver effective solutions from our vessels. This includes equipment specification, deck layouts, tooling interface, tooling deployment, detailed procedures and risk assessments. Our streamlined administration, engineering and project management teams give us the capacity to operate multiple vessels and projects simultaneously.